“Thank you for taking care of my dad for the past 20 years. Partridge & Associates, CPA’s performed with respect, professionalism, and efficiency throughout all years and as a result it made my duties as the successor trustee easier and complete. Thank You!”

S. Lindstam/Trustee

“My accounting and tax preparation have been handled promptly and with accuracy. That’s why I have come to rely on this company and its highly skilled staff for my accounting and tax needs.”

Dr. O – Medical Director

“A one stop shop for all my accounting and tax needs. Their staff goes above and beyond the normal accountant and their knowledge is unsurpassed.”

D.H. – Contactor

“A perfect fit for the first time entrepreneur.”

M.P. Realtor

“Their friendly staff takes the time to educate me about QuickBooks and helps me to understand my financial reports.”

J.S. Attorney at Law

“My husband used Partridge & Associates CPA’s to incorporate his real estate business. They explained to us why it is important not only for the savings in tax dollars but also how it can protect our assets from unforeseen issues like a lawsuit. Far and away better than those internet based ones I hear on the radio who say they can do all this for $49 or whatever. We are also using them to file our tax returns as well. Great group of people who really know what they’re talking about with good pricing to boot!”

Lorelle, Phoenix, AZ

“They really know their stuff and were great to work with. I was really pleased with my experience that Partridge & Associates CPA’s provided me. I was just there for personal, but can only image how well they would do if I was there for my business.. I will do business with them again next year.‎”

Shannon A., Scottsdale, AZ

“I am a small business owner with a lot of sales outside the AZ state. This has caused me a LOT of problems with taxes in the past so I decided to find a local phoenix CPA to help this year. I must say Partridge & Associates CPA’s was very professional and made my taxes this year almost pleasurable. In fact, with their help, I got my biggest tax return since I started my business!‎”

David, AZ

“Partridge & Associates CPA’s has been handling my business and personal tax returns for the past 17 years. They are thorough, quick and their prices are reasonable. Since the Federal Tax Code is now more than 44,000 pages long (I think the government is conspiring with the paper industry), it’s nice to know that I’m being represented by a firm that understands what the requirements on those pages are – probably better than the people who wrote them (half of whom are probably dead by now). But here’s the most important thing. In the 17 years I have been their client I HAVE NEVER BEEN AUDITED – NOT EVEN ONCE. I recall reading somewhere that every audit you have to go through takes one year off your life. The author of that assessment was probably being a bit facetious, but not by much.”

Philip Barnett, Scottsdale, AZ