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Business Formation is the start of an incredible journey – an adventure filled with potential pitfalls and potential rewards. Don’t start your journey into the business world without knowing where you’re going and how to get there. Even your choice of a business entity can have huge implications for your future.

Launching a new business means that you’ll be required to adhere strictly to the municipal, state and federal laws that govern your industry. Do you already know how that applies to you? To your chosen type of business industry?

Business Entity

The business entity you choose can greatly impact your personal finances. Few consider the need to have a Tax Strategy in place before starting a new business. Yet, the right business entity can keep your business and personal finances separated and protect you from liability. From tax to personal liability, there is much to sort out before hand.

How We Can Help

As licensed legal document preparers, helping you choose the right business entity for your circumstances is one way we can help you on a good start to your business success. We can also help you to understand more about the legal document preparation process. Our more than 35 years experience will be an advantage for you as you move to form your new business.

How We Can Help Even More

Additionally, consider the integrated services we offer. From initial start up to your first business income tax filing, Accounting World CPA & Consulting, PLC will be there for you – with answers that can make a difference to your bottom line, both personally and for your business.

For the highest level of professional services available in Phoenix, the greatest client service experience you could imagine, and benefits that you can only get from our Scottsdale CPA firm, contact our Scottsdale accountants today for your free consultation!

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