Business Tax Preparation and Services

Scottsdale Accounting Firm Serving Running a business is a challenge without the worry about taxes.

Concern over tax preparation is the last thing any business owner needs. But, with over seventy-five thousand pages of various tax code, law and regulations on the books, it could be easy to make a mistake which could cost you unnecessary tax liability and penalties.

We recommend to all of our business clients an annual tax planning meeting to discuss and devise tax strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize your company’s profitability.

With over 35 years in the taxation industry, our tax specialists are more than qualified to complete your business tax returns accurately, quickly and affordable fees.

Listed below are some of the business tax preparation services that we do for our clients:

Schedule C – Profit and Loss report for business

Form 1120 – U. S. corporation income tax return

Form 1120S – Income tax return for an S corporation

Form 1065 –  U. S. return of partnership income

Form 990 – Return of organization exempt form income tax

Form 706 – U. S. Estate (and generation skipping) tax return

Form 709 – U. S. Gift (and generation skipping) tax return

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